Kuroda Corporation, headquartered in Higashikagawa City, KAGAWA,
best known as the capital of gloves making in Japan.
Kuroda holds a 20% foothold of the fashion leather gloves market in Japan.

Today, gloves’ function is not limited to warm keeping;
there are also many other kinds of gloves like knitted gloves,
golf gloves, ski gloves and motorcycle gloves.

Nowadays, gloves making industry is complex and dynamic, therefore,
Kuroda committed itself in gathering the latest fashion information,
and materials of the best quality from worldwide since quality
and globalisation are what Kuroda’s willing to focus on in the gloves making industry.

Kuroda expanded overseas business at early stage in order to meet the demands.
For now, the company not only has factories in shanghai,
but has developed sales channels in western counties by establishing group companies.


SEII (Sincerity)

KURODA, acting as the headquarter of the group corporation,
offering services from marketing strategies planning to technical guidelines.
Keeping developing and innovating,
KURADA determined to provide its clients with “New Marketing”

NETSUI (Passion)

In order to cultivate talents who can fit in the international market,
KURODA developed a decent training system by itself called “Kuroda Spirit”,
which involves strategies planning, production, sales with personality and sensibility.

SOUI (Creativity)

The company dedicated to producing high quality leather gloves and small soft leather goods.
Pursuing “Creative Mind”.


Treating the whole world as its stage,
KURODA aims to discover, develop and utilise talents.

CEO Keiji Tanatsugu